Purchase Reminders

    Set a Purchase Reminder and never forget essential items like...

    • Dog Food
    • Coffee
    • Dress
    • Skirt
    • Skirt
    • Blue Light Blocking Glasses
    • Pants & Capris
    • Baseball Caps
    • Leggings
    • Wedding Dresses
    • Jeans
    • Muslim Fashion
    • Shapewear
    • Women's Socks
    • Africa Clothing

    Purchase Reminders FAQs

    How do I set a purchase reminder?

    • Go to a product detail page of an item you’ve purchased to set a purchase reminder.
    • Tap “Set reminder”, located at the top of your previously purchased items.
    • Go through the set up wizard: (1) set a one-time or recurring reminder, (2) add a start date, and/or frequency to remind you, (3) tap “Set reminder” and you’re done!

    How do I get or receive my purchase reminder?

    Once you’ve set your purchase reminder, we’ll send you a message via email or an British MarketPlace App notification or both on the date you set your reminder for. For British MarketPlace App notifications, make sure you’ve enabled notifications on your British MarketPlace App to receive these.

    What if I set two or more purchase reminders for the same date? Will I get several reminders on the same day?

    We will consolidate reminders that you are bound to receive on the same day into a single notification. Tap through and place an order on the corresponding items.

    What is the difference between a one-time and a recurring reminder?

    Set a one-time reminder if you only anticipate buying this item once in the future. If you expect to buy this item often but don’t want to forget to buy it before you run out, set a recurring reminder.

    I am not sure how frequently I will be buying an item. How do I know which frequency to pick?

    When tapping on the frequency drop down menu, you will see several frequency options - tap the one that adjusts to your needs. You will see “(most common)“ next to the most typical purchase frequency among other customers to guide you.

    If I set a purchase reminder, am I committing to a recurring or automatic order?

    No. Purchase reminders are a mechanism for you to anticipate your purchases and order before you run out. If you receive the reminder but decide that you don’t want to make a purchase, you can simply ignore it. You can also edit the reminder in your purchase reminders hub to change the date, frequency or type of reminder (one-time vs recurring). You can also delete the reminder.

    What if I want to order before I get my purchase reminder?

    Visit your purchase reminders hub at any time to place orders, edit and delete your reminders without having to wait for a notification. If you want to place an order, simply tap on the item you want to buy and then tap “Add to Cart”. Check out when you’re ready.

    How can I edit a reminder?

    Navigate to your purchase reminders hub, tap on any reminder or item you wish to edit. Tap on “Edit reminder” and go through the same set up widget you encountered when you first set the reminder. Change from one-time to recurring or vice-versa, change the date of your upcoming reminder or change frequency if you’ve set a recurring reminder.

    How do I delete a reminder?

    Navigate to your purchase reminders hub, tap on any reminder you wish to delete, and select "Delete reminder". You will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the reminder. Tap “Yes, delete reminder” or “No, cancel” accordingly.

    What should I expect to find on my purchase reminders hub?

    Your purchase reminders hub lists all the reminders you have set in the past and a short guide on how to set reminders. If you have several reminders, you will find them listed in chronological order of when you are set to receive them.